iS0 (avail)

1-key ISO macropad custom


Have you been wondering what to do with all of those excess ISO enters from your keysets?

Well, here you go, an iso macropad! Configure it as a “boss-button”, configure it as a mouse click, or whatever you can think of!

iS0 comes in 6 colors: Black, Silver, Grey, Olivia Pink, Blue, and Red

-18mm front height
-8 degree typing angle
-69g weight

-6063 series alu
-6 color options
-Top mounted polycarbonate plate

-QMK PCB with in-switch LED, NKRO and dedicated reset switch
-$69.99 preorder price

Initial impressions of iS0:

iS0 is a two part, top mounted custom kit – featuring a specialty built polycarbonate plate for optimal keyfeel, total overkill for 1 key key macropad – just the way we like it!

Weight of the unit will be 69 grams with the standard configuration

Target price per unit will be $69.99 – each unit will be painstakingly controlled for the smoothest and fullest anodization and will arrive in a specialty packaging

Pre-order / Group buy details:

-Group buy starts on August 1st, 2019
-Preorder will be done on Doyustudio website
-150 units will be available, FCFS
-The buy will remain open for 31 days
-Shipping will be 8 months after group buy close
-All units will ship from Taiwan
-There is no limit on units per person
-Orders will be shipped in batches, in the same order they are received

Additional notes / Q&A

The 8 month estimate is to prevent the usual “4 month” estimated timeline that ends up being 8 months anyways. We want to take our time and deliver the most beautiful looking keyboard we can, its likely we end up shipping before then, who knows

The $69.99 price may seem high, but in reality, we will more than likely lose money on this group buy. The chosen manufacturer is very high end (I’ll refrain from name dropping, but they produce some very high end keyboards you’ve seen) And the quality control and packaging doesn’t help the fact either. In any case, the goal is to make everyone happy

Yes, we know this project is silly/dumb. It’s not for everyone, but we hope it’s for you!

Some prototype pictures can be found here

Discord here

How many iS0s are you in for?