Illuminati keyboards consists of 4 members, it has been speculated that if one were to draw lines connecting 3 members on a map, it would make a triangle – with the 4th member in the center


We make new designs
Although not all designs may not be entirely new ideas, we like to put a modern twist on older design philosophies. We always push the limits and look for new case types, mounting methods and new innovations. We will continue to test new designs, materials, and technologies that can be put into higher end custom keyboards, or go bankrupt trying…

We test our designs

Unlike many makers that will push out a design without a prototype or without proper testing, we test our keyboards in every possible way. Any IC or GB will be preceded by thorough testing of acoustics, typing feel, as well as finishing. We make sure our designs are robust enough for our own use, which may or may not include keyboard swordfights. (also weasel testing)

We throw out anything that isn’t perfect

No poor designs, no half-measures. Just like ancient Sparta, if a design has excessive ping or rattle, the project is discarded, if a case design is weak, it is discarded, and if a mounting method doesn’t feel as good as it should, it is discarded

In addition to this. Illuminati keyboards will never sell B-Stock units. Non-identifiable B-stock units are dangerous to the community, as B-stock units can be sold (or flipped) as A-stock units, we do not want to sell any product that is not up to our illuminati spec.

We love memes
Love em!