This keyboard is inspired by the OTD CLs, a 7 kilo slab of keyboard perfection. The CLs was built in low carbon steel, as will our keyboard. OTD was known for pushing the boundaries in keyboard innovation while they were active, and the prices for those keyboards now in the wild confirms it. We will stay true to the ideology, producing the illuminati1, our first keyboard of a series, which will favor many design elements from earlier Korean custom keyboards, but with a modern twist.

-6.66 Deg Angle
-19mm front height
-Gasketed top mount design

-Full low carbon steel case (with upgrade to SS)
-8180g weight
-usb C port on daughterboard
-illuminati engravings + Brass weight

-all units are manufactured with a blood sacrifice

First prototype pictures

The above prototype is a fitment prototype in 6061 Alu, the final unit will of course be steel


When is this project happening?

This was originally planned for q4 2019, but I am still not happy with it, the project still needs some work to get to the target sound and typing feel I’m going for – also, i80 will be testing out some new features that I’d like to include in i1 at a later time

Whats with the scroll lock blocker?

Yes, the scroll lock key has been blocked, and is essential to the aesthetics of the illuminati1. It is the least used key on any modern keyboard, and those heavy excel users can simply move the key elsewhere or to a function layer with ease.

Why are there holes/cutouts on the PCB?

In order to stay true to our original intentions of developing a modern variant of such an iconic keyboard, we had to also stay true to Korean best practices as best as possible. Traditional Korean PCBs had a thickness of 1.2mm to allow for PCB flex to work in collaboration with plate flex to soften the bottom out keyfeel when typing. Unfortunately, a 1.2mm pcb interferes with stabilizers, leading to stabilizer rattle, and loose stabilizers as a whole. We will be proceeding with a 1.5mm PCB thickness, but have instead gone for heavy cuts in the plate to allow as much flex as possible, this alongside the already flexy top gasket mount leads to a more enjoyable typing experience

Plate material options?

Plate testing is still in progress, but only a singular plate option will be available to you. Our plate testing will select the best candidate for the best typing feel and sound profile for the target switch choice (55g – 62g vintage blacks)

Why is the plate a fixed layout, without ISO support?

After extensive audio testing, ISO support was removed from the plate as well as the PCB. The PCB acoustic cutouts conflicted with ISO support and led to higher pitched bottom out noises and excessive reverb from pressing the return key too hard. This was also done to keep the tightest possible switch placements within the plate, leading to a substantially improved keyfeel. Keep in mind ANSI-EU exists, and will offer better compatibility with the suggested keycaps, vintage dyesubs.

Really though, ISO support?

If 5 people who choose ISO preference are selected in the raffle, then a fixed ISO plate and PCB will be provided to them at no additional cost. However if MOQ is failed to be met, ISO specific plates and PCBs will unfortunately not be an option, and the ISO specific raffle winners will be notified, they will be given an option to either proceed with the ANSI fixed setup, pay an additional fee to help make MOQ for ISO setups, or drop out of the GB, freeing up slots for backup raffle winners. ISO specific plates and PCBs will have to be thoroughly tested, so any members who wish to proceed with ISO will receive their kits 30-45 days after the rest of the GB participants.

Why USB C?

It’s 2019, and it’s time to move on… Most artisan cable makers are starting to offer usb C now anyways.

Why no bootmapperclient support?

We will make sure that there is full web UI support for this keyboard, making it just as easy, if not easier to reprogram as using bootmapperclient. PS2AVRGB PCBs are ancient technology now, using V-USB which leads to input delay and other small user issues, QMK does not have these issues, and should offer the ease of using bootmapperclient, but with the featureset available to QMK.

Why 31 units?


How do I get into this GB?

This will be a “raffle” (maybe)

Grounds for not getting a slot include: known flipping, new accounts with no history, people who spam this thread with pointless messages, people in hard to reach places, people I don’t like, people who sell keyboards “for a friend”, people over 6’2 tall, chimpanzees, and krelbit. It is entirely possible that you get a slot anyways, despite breaking all the rules.

The “raffle” winners will be randomly chosen and then manually audited by the GB runners, and as per our discretion, users will be removed allowing space for backup raffle winners. This will all happen behind the scenes, if you are awarded the raffle spot, it will not be taken away at a later time…

…or will it?